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Welcome to my home cooking page.

One of the pleasures of preparing a great meal, is sharing it with friends and family. If you can't share the food, the next best thing is sharing information about it. Here I share some of my own food experiences, recipes, and techniques that I hope you will find interesting and useful as well as information I have collected over the years from others on the internet.



I was raised in the South, the Gulf coast of Texas mostly, and I prefer foods with a lot of flavor, favoring ethnic cooking of all types including Mexican, Indian, Thai, Chinese, Cajun, Middle Eastern, Guatemalan, Caribbean, and many others. I guess I qualify as a chile-head because I have grown up eating hot and spicy food all my life and it hasn't killed me yet.

I have always enjoyed cooking as a hobby. It is not only a very relaxing activity, but you enjoy the fringe benefit of getting to eat what you create. In fact, one of my primary motivations for learning to cook was to be able to taste food that in some cases is impossible to find in a restaurant. As with most things in life, items that are carefully hand-crafted are vastly superior to mass produced versions, and food is no exception. I prefer rustic, home style cooking, sometimes referred to as everyday food, lovingly prepared and served to families around the world every day.

Barbecued leg of lamb

Barbecued Leg of Lamb

It will take time to add everything to this website that I would like. To start with, these are some of my favorite basic food groups:
Texas Cooking If you've never enjoyed true Texas Cookin' then you've got a lot to learn, and a real treat in store.
Chili There's nothing like a good hot and spicy bowl of red. This page also includes information on other hot and spicy foods.
Barbecue BBQ is not cooked on a grill and it certainly isn't made in an oven with BBQ sauce and liquid smoke. Real BBQ is made by slow cooking for a long time at a low temperature with wood smoke for flavor. Learn how from the experts on the BBQ mailing list.
Mexican Mexican food is one of my favorites. Check out some authentic recipes translated and contributed by Patricia Wriedt from Mexico City. Also check out my recipe and illustrated step-by-step instructions for making homemade tamales.
I'll be adding more, so check back frequently.
Also be sure to check out:
Favorite Recipes An assortment of some of my favorite recipes. I have a very extensive collection of recipes I have collected over the years from personal experience, friends, cookbooks or pulled off the net. This is just a start. Downloadable in Mastercook format.
Food & Cooking Links Some of my favorite food and cooking websites.
Downloads Download all the recipes from this site and more from one convenient location. In Mastercook format.

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Garry's Home Cookin'
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