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Links to Favorite Cooking Sites

Here is a list of some cooking, recipe, or food related websites I find interesting. Enjoy!

Links to Individual's Cooking Sites

These cooking sites were all created by individuals who want to share their interest in food and cooking with the rest of the world.

MyBook2Cook - Francesco de Marchis has created a community where you can share your recipes with friends, parents and everyone that will be willing to open his/her culinary secrets with the community.
=Mark's Remarkable Website. Devoted to hot & spicy food. Also check out =Mark's incredible menu collection.
Spend a day in Aunt Libby's Kitchen. New recipes added weekly.
Cafe Creosote is an interactive cooking experience, this is a great site with magazine reviews, nutritional information, mail order sources and lots of recipes, many with color pictures.
Wayne Allen's famous chili recipes site.
William Chuang, an MIT nerd shares his passion for chili.
The Deranged Spud page is an homage to Jeff Anderson's potato fetish. Check out the potato recipe of the week as well as his archive of past potato recipes.
The latest adventures of chilehead super hero Firegirl!!
Collection of the Internet's best Chile recipes! From Arizona!
Learn Southern cooking secrets from a Mississippi chile-head at Judy's Flavors of the South.
Johnny's tribute to his mother's Puerto Rican cuisine in La Cocina De Flora.
Mimi's Cyberkitchen, the best and largest food site of its kind on the world wide web.
The Reluctant Gourmet, a culinary guide for the novice, from a novice
Check out the recipe of the day on Terry Pogue's Cooking Page.

Links to Commercial Cooking Sites

The Belgian Fries Page Learn how to make the delicious fries you get in Belgium.
Chile Pepper Magazine Official chileheads journal.
Culinaria Let their Culinary Assistant solve your cooking problems.
Herbnet A service of The Herb Growing and Marketing Network
Home Canning Online A virtual magazine for first-time and experienced home canners.
International Chili Society Chili cookoff locations and recipes.
The InterNet Bar Page Man does not live by food alone!!
The Kitchen Link Your guide to what's cooking on the net.
McDonald's You deserve a break today.
Restaurant Le Cordon Bleu (Paris) In the mood for some French food?
Rival Interactive Cookbook Dust off your crockpots.
TVFN Recipes Recipes from the TV Food Network cooking programs.

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