Stephanie's Potstickers

Recipe By : Stephanie Wilson, Kansas City, Missouri


Potsickers (makes 60):
Wonton wrappers

1 1/2 pounds of ground turkey
1/2 cup finely julienned cabbage
1 TBS fresh grated ginger
1 TBS soy sauce
1 TBS minced onion
1/2 cup chopped spinach
White pepper to taste

Mix the filling together a day ahead so the flavors will meld. Get a full teaspoon and place in the center of the wonton, lightly pat water on the edges of one half of the wonton and fold the other half up to make a triangle, press firmly. Put a bit of water on the two bottom edges and fold them in, making them purse-like. Using a non-stick skillet put about a tablespoon of oil and place the bottom of the "purses" on there and fry over medium-high heat for about 2-3 minutes, add enough water to go about half way up the "purses" and cover with a lid for 8 minutes. Bam! Potstickers!

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